Loan Options

FICS offers a variety of cost saving credit facilities to the public of St Lucia at attractive rates. FICS offers the following suite of loan facilities:

Debt Consolidation Loans

Loans made available to persons who wish to eliminate multiple loans at several institutions and replace them with one loan (with a lower monthly installment).

Equity Finance Facility

These facilities make it possible for any of our customers to draw on the difference between an approved loan and current balance of any loan. In other words, customers are allowed to draw on past payments on good existing loans.

Hospitalization Loans

Hospitalization Loans allow St Lucians to finance the cost of hospitalization at Tapion Hospital.


Mortgage loans facilitate the purchase of property and the construction of homes. They allow the borrower to purchase land only, land and house or land for construction.

Personal Loans

Personal loans enable the borrower to pay for educational expenses, medical bills and other expenses of a personal and family nature.

Professional Loans

Professional Loans are made available to professionals (lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc) who wish to improve the quality of the products and services they offer to the public.

Repair and Renovation Loans

Repair and renovation loans enable the borrower to improve the condition of his or her home.

3% Cash Secured Loans

This product is intended to reduce the cost of credit to clients with accumulated savings which could be used to secure loans from financial institutions.

General Requirements for a Loan

The general requirements of a loan are, but are not limited to:

  • two forms of valid identification (driver’s license, passport, national ID)

  • current salary slip

  • recent job letter

  • open bill in the case of personal loans

  • evidence of debts

Customers can visit FICS to collect a checklist that relates to the loan of their choice.