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FICS Growth Fund

The FICS Growth Fund is a short to medium-term flexible facility which guarantees the public rising interest rates for up to five years. This fund allows customers to:

  • Earn very attractive rates depending upon the amount invested

  • Withdraw funds before five years without the loss of earned yearly interest

  • Withdraw interest annually

  • Terms and Conditions

  • No interest is payable if the funds are withdrawn within the first six months.

  • If funds are withdrawn after six months, but before the first year, the interest rate payable shall be at the discretion of FICS.

  • If funds are withdrawn at the first anniversary date, the interest payable will be equivalent to the rate payable on a one year fixed deposit.

  • If funds are withdrawn after the first anniversary date, but before s subsequent anniversary date, the interest rate shall be equivalent to that applicable for a fixed deposit.

  • If the withdrawal is made on an anniversary date from year 3, the interest payable shall be as indicated on the certificate.

  • The applicable interest shall be calculated annually on the original investment.

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