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Housing Assistance Programme

The FICS Housing Assistance Programme is a tax-exempt medium-term investment programme which FICS has introduced to respond to the housing needs of young St Lucians. This programme facilitates accumulation of savings for the 10% to 20% deposit required for house construction or house and land purchase and covers a period of five years. Contributions up to $6,000 in any one year, are eligible for tax exemption.

Terms and Conditions

  • The client must be a first-time home buyer and a resident of St Lucia.

  • No withdrawal of savings is permitted within the five-year period.

  • The client must honour monthly commitment to FICS.

  • In the event that he/she does not honour any of the monthly commitments FICS will be discharged of this prior undertaking subject to the obligation to refund the total amount contributed to the programme less a fee of $50 to $250 to cover FICS administrative expenses.

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