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Staff of the Year

The Employee of the Year Award was initiated in 2011 with the aim of highlighting the accomplishments of staff at FICS Ltd as well as motivating them to work in a manner which is beneficial both to themselves and to the organization.

The recipient of the Award is nominated by his/her colleagues based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of commitment in carrying out job responsibilities

  • Willingness to take on other tasks not related to one’s portfolio

  • Portrayal of a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers and customers

At the 26th Annual General Meeting of FICS Limited, Mr Darryan Mathurin received the Employee of the Year Award for 2017. The List of FICS Limited’s Employee of the Year to date is as follows:

  • 2017 -Darryan Mathurin

  • 2016 -Joralee Preville

  • 2015 -Berlinda Monrose

  • 2014 -Dorcas Plante

  • 2013 -Wendy Joseph-David

  • 2011 -Mavis Moise

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